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The Tactical Recruiting (TR) Process

(1) TR meets with your team to determine job requirements, market and
competitor information and company culture.

(2) The TR team begins a competitor and market analysis, we develop and
implement a plan to identify the most desired candidates.

(3) The TR Account Manager conducts the recruiting and screening process of
candidates. A detailed phone interview is conducted to qualify the
candidates skill set, salary and capabilities.

(4) Qualified candidates are then submitted by email, the email includes a
the candidates resume, salary, relocation requirements and a overview of the
candidates strengths and weaknesses.

(5) The TR Account Manager coordinates the interview process and post
interview feedback with both candidate and client.

(6) The TR Account Manager coordinates the offer process with both the
selected candidate and client. When the client is ready to make an offer to
the selected candidate, the account manager will present the offer to the
candidate and coordinate the start date and any other liasion needed for a successful
placement of the candidate.

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